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Why Should Rome Be on Everyone’s Travel Bucket List?

Why Should Rome Be on Everyone’s Travel Bucket List? Rome is the perfect holiday destination in Europe and it is rich in culture, architecture, food, fashion, and history as well as romance, religion and art. We suggest that you visit Rome with a local professional guide to learn about the wonders of the city. In Rome, there are many places worth discovering and exploring. Here are some of them.

The Colosseum

This magnificent old stadium has a history of nearly 2000 years. This was the birthplace of the taboo culture of gladiatorial and wild beast fighting. It is estimated that up to 80,000 Roman citizens can participate in the contest. Usually these games were given to the people by the emperor for free and it was a significant political gesture of a good emperor.

Roman Forum and Via Dei Fori Imperiali 

Ancient Rome developed almost 2700 years ago in this place. There, you can see the ruins of markets, temples and emperor forums which imply the present day squares. Temple of Caesar, the House of the Virgin of Vesta, and brickwork of the Senate can also be visited in this forum. This is the best place to study about ancient Rome and you can take a guided tour for that.

Barcaccia Fountain

Among more than 2000 fountains, it is one of the most beautiful fountains in Rome. La Barcaccia is a creation of Gian Lorenzo Bernini during the Roman Baroque period. The fountain is located at the foot of the Spanish Steps. These 132 steps lead from Spanish Square to the church on top of Trinita Dei Monti. This place has won an international reputation by hosting fashion shows. You can enjoy the view of Via Frattina at the top of the steps. Nearby is the KeatsShelley House and if you want any refreshment you can find Babington Tea House 1893.

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