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Why are the food such a crucial part of the travel experience?

I blended my passion for travel and food about five years ago. Then, I heard good news from the Stellenbosch region of South Africa about wine tourism.

#1 Food Journey Arouses the Senses

Usually, eating employs the five senses. Apart from tasting food, we touch and smell it while swallow it with eyes, and listen to it frizzle in the pot. Consciously experiencing food while traveling will increase the strength of the memory it builds.

#2 Food Returns You to Your Journey

The aroma of food we take at the moment reminds us the instance we experienced it. A tasting of Argentine Malbec takes me to the tasting room in Mendoza. Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai is recalled by the smell of galangal and lime. Due to the strong flavour of Peruvian food, even seeing choclo provokes me. 

#3 Food is Powerful

Food can form your journey and specify your memory. It is an essential part of life and community and it makes us humans. Without it, there is no real travel experience. There are occasions where we sit around a table and have dinner with newly acquainted friends, they invite us to lunch with local families and so on. Accordingly, most of the best memories are created because of food itself. 

#4 Food Pays Off

Without experiencing food it is difficult to experience the actual and genuine side of culture. Moreover, I’m overemphasized if Thailand without a plate of Pad Thai, China without dim sum, Canada without poutine, and Mexico without street tacos. 

#5 Food is a Part of the Trip

Once we went Turkey without a direct food focus but with the intention of visiting fairy chimneys in Istanbul and Cappadocia. However these trips eventually expanded our global horizons and introduced us to things that we would never experience without the food power.

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