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The top Fact of Super Low-Cost Travel for vacationers 

#1 The Reality of Extreme Budget Travel 

Though being financial awareness during travel is the meaning of this personally unique budget travel, for some people budget travel means demoting to a three-star hotel instead of a luxury hotel and for others, this is abandoning their private rooms and changing to dormitories. 

When I asked my Facebook friends the question “what budget would you choose when travelling?” they gave various answers I which have included here.

According to me extreme budget travel is a trip with the least amount of money. For free accommodation, staying or camping in your own tent or vehicle, hotel room if a possible public place cannot be found is a good method. Usage of free and cheap transportation methods, taking cheap food, and without paying for tickets enjoying free museums and attractions, are few ways to save money during journeys. By following above suggestions one can have an extreme budget while spending time on the street. 

Visiting more than 50 Countries in our van spending just $8 per day and travelling through Southeast Asia on just $10 per day are some examples to prove it.

#2 Let’s see some advantages of extreme budget travel

Spending less time in a place enables us to visit many more places and we can enjoy the same attraction at a low price and feel great to look around us and know that we are paying a lot less than others! For instance walk the squares of Florence, and enjoying Boracay’s white sand beaches can be depicted. At the same time, expensive destinations are not restricted areas for a budget travel. As in Laos and India you will find many extreme budget travelers in Norway and Australia as well. Further, you can have more local experience through extreme budget travel and you will become acquainted with locals more closely.

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